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The needs of families are becoming more complex and the support grandparents can offer to their own family and to other families is significant. Through acting together grandparents are becoming strong advocates. They are the custodians of considerable wisdom, compassion and skills that are being put to good use in activities to support families and to benefit the wider community.

GPV aims to:

  • Link grandparents across the state and the nation
  • Identify, articulate and promote the needs of grandchildren and grandparents
  • Represent the views of grandparents in public consultations and influence policy and practice affecting families
  • Share ideas and information about what works well in supporting families.

Anne McLeish
CEO, Grandparents Victoria


GPV believes that a society that is inclusive of all is crucial to individual and community wellbeing

Our Values


GPV conducts a number of campaigns on issues that affect grandparents and their families

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GPV members enjoy the company of other grandparents sharing a commitment to improve the quality of life of grandchildren.

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The Roles That Grandparents Play – Release of Survey Report 2022

27, May 2022   0 Comments
To download a PDF of the report, cl

The Victorian Charter supporting people in care relationships

24, February 2022   0 Comments
The Victorian Charter supporting people in care relationships The Victorian Carers Recognition Act 2012 recognises, promotes and values the role of

Resources to support LGBTQIA+ students

14, February 2022   0 Comments
Health and Emotional Wellbeing QLifeQLife provides anonymous LGBTQIA+ peer support and referrals to people on a range of topics including sexuality,

Budget fails to deliver essential social security reform

12, October 2020   0 Comments
Treating Families Fairly Alliance response to the Federal Budget - Struggling families have been left in the cold by the Federal

Shame! Grandparents condemn Australian Attorneys General for refusing to raise the age of criminal responsibility

28, July 2020   0 Comments
At a meeting of the Council of Attorneys General in Australia held on July 27th 2020, a decision was taken not
GPV KCV Annual Report

View the 2018-19 Annual Report

30, September 2019   0 Comments
Download a PDF copy (650KB) of the 2018-19 Annual

Grandparents for the Environment


GPV conducts a number of campaigns on issues that affect grandparents and their families

Opposing Fast-Tracking of Adoption
Opposing Fast-Tracking of Adoption
GPA/GPV has written an open letter in response to the Breaking Barriers report released by the Australian government’s standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs on 27 November 2018. To read the full letter, click here. In August, the…
Raise Minimum Age for Criminal Responsibility
Raise Minimum Age for Criminal Responsibility
Raise the Age Campaign The newly elected ACT Government has committed to change the law and raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility! When the state and territory Attorneys-General met on 29 July 2020 they made the disappointing decision to…
Adequate Income Support for Jobseekers
Adequate Income Support for Jobseekers
GPA/GPV/KCV* believes that everyone has the right to a life free from poverty. We are concerned about the inadequacy of the Jobseeker (formerly Newstart) Payment and how this inadequacy affects many informal kinship carers. The Senate Community Affairs References Committee…

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Grandparents Victoria (GPV) is a statewide non- profit organisation of grandparents working together to shape a positive future for all children in Victoria.


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