How parents and children can play a role in children's literacy

ABC Radio National – Life Matters
Broadcast 20 June 2024


According to recent figures from the Grattan Institute, about one-third of Australian children are struggling to read. This alarming statistic will be of concern to parents, grandparents and guardians alike.

In this episode of ABC Radio National’s Life Matters, presenter Hilary Harper speaks with director of Grandparents Australia Anne McLeish and education deputy program director from the Grattan Institute Amy Haywood on how we can best support children in their reading progress. They discuss the best evidence-based methods for teaching children to read.

Our Mission

The needs of families are becoming more complex and the support grandparents can offer to their own family and to other families is significant. Through acting together grandparents are becoming strong advocates. They are the custodians of considerable wisdom, compassion and skills that are being put to good use in activities to support families and to benefit the wider community.

Grandparents Victoria (GPV) aims to:

  • Link grandparents across the state and the nation
  • Identify, articulate and promote the needs of grandchildren and grandparents
  • Represent the views of grandparents in public consultations and influence policy and practice affecting families
  • Share ideas and information about what works well in supporting families.

Anne McLeish
Director, Grandparents Victoria


GPV believes that a society that is inclusive of all is crucial to individual and community wellbeing

Our Values


GPV conducts a number of campaigns on issues that affect grandparents and their families

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GPV members share with other grandparents a commitment to improve the quality of life of grandchildren.

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Grandparents — are we expecting too much? – ABC Radio Program Parental as Anything

Grandparents do so much for our kids. But not every family has a Nanny or Pop in their life. And even when they do, keeping the peace can be tricky.

How do you celebrate the joy grandparents bring to your family, while still forging your own path as a parent? How do you ask them not to spoil your kids, or discipline them like it’s 1985? And do you rely too much on them for free childcare?

Anne McLeish, director of Grandparents Australia, joins host of Parental As Anything Maggie Dent, to celebrate the benefits – but to also offer tips on how to foster relationships from afar, what to do if tensions arise over child rearing ideas and what to say if a grandparent is not in their life at all.

End physical punishment of children – protect Australian children

1,133 people have signed this petition to end physical punishment of Australian children.

In 1979, Sweden was the first country in the world to prohibit all physical punishment of children, including in the home. As of September 2022, 63 countries, including New Zealand, have done the same. Lawmakers in these countries listened to the experts in the field. They also listened to over 50 years of research that demonstrates the negative outcomes associated with the physical or corporal punishment of children.

It’s time Australia listened too! We need to prioritize the safety of children. This petition is calling on you to help a campaign to end physical punishment of children.

Please sign and ask others to sign the petition, which will be sent to Federal and State Attorneys General urging them to change legislation:

The Uluru Statement from the Heart

A list of people connected with GPV/KCV offering their support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart. They ask their families and friends to do the same and call on the Australian Government to urgently address the issues raised in the statement.


GPV conducts a number of campaigns on issues that affect grandparents and their families

Abolishing corporal punishment

The campaign calls for the Australian Government to make corporal punishment of children and young people illegal across Australia. GPV/KCV believes that violence against children is never appropriate, even in the context of discipline.

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Support for kinship carers

GPV/KCV is committed to amplifying voices of kinship care families within government, improving visibility of kinship carers and raising understanding of carer families and carers’ roles. GPV/KCV calls for the Vic Government to increase the allowance to kinship carers.

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Improving education for all

Since 2004 GPV/KCV has been campaigning for improvements in education services to all children and young people. Since 2010 GPV/KCV has been particularly concerned about provision of education to children and young people in out of home care.

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Grandparents Victoria (GPV) is a statewide non- profit organisation of grandparents working together to shape a positive future for all children in Victoria.


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