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Statewide Draw Winners – Kinship Care Week - 500 Sophie Geelong 500 Virginia Cranbourne 500 Jason & Daniella Lilydale 250 Nance Melton 250 Julie Lilydale 250 Doris Bendigo 250 Haydn Ballarat 100 Esna Shepparton 100 Alvira Mildura 100 Margaret Cranbourne 100 Bob Warrnambool 100 Max Shepparton Read More
View the 2018-19 Annual Report - Download a PDF copy (650KB) of the 2018-19 Annual Report. Read More
GPV/KCV call for Child Impact Statements - GPV/KCV scrutinises law, policy and practice, asking: what is best for all children and what effect will the decisions we take today have on their futures? GPV/KCV recognises that guidelines exist for the creation and use of Family Impact Statements (FIS) when putting proposals to local federal or state government councils or cabinets but is disappointed in the underutilisation of these statements and their lack of public visibility. GPV/KCV calls on all levels of government in Australia to pay specific… Read More
GPV/KCV issues election Log of Claims - GPV/KCV issues election Log of Claims PRESS RELEASE……. MONDAY, 25 JUNE 2018. GRANDPARENTS AND KINSHIP CARERS RELEASE AN ELECTION LOG OF CLAIMS GPV/KCV has developed a ‘Log of Claims’ to be addressed in the forthcoming Victorian state election and beyond. Grandparents Victoria/Kinship Carers Victoria is a statewide organisation with the best interests of all children at the core of its work. It is with this scope in mind that the claims have been developed. The claims are fitting when considering… Read More
GPV/KCV applauds the Auditor General - GPV/KCV applauds the Auditor General for his report into the Mental Health of Child Protection Practitioners (May 2018) GPV/KCV has long held the view that CPPs are overworked; a circumstance that leads to kinship carers being case-managed by stressed workers. The results are often catastrophic with poor decisions about child welfare made. Introduction ‘Like police, emergency services and youth justice, child protection is ‘frontline’ work that is highly complex and requires specialist skills. CPPs are exposed to a range of… Read More
At last – kinship carers are vindicated - Press release 13th December 2017 “Today’s report from the Ombudsman detailing anomalies present in the treatment of kinship carers is vindication for those many carers who have complained many times over many years. Many carers who read this report will be upset anew as they see their trials and tribulations in dealing with child protection services actually written down and acknowledged. This acknowledgement of the validity of their complaints is in itself a great service to them and they will… Read More
Same-sex marriage - The Board of Grandparents Victoria and Kinship Carers Victoria believes that families are made up of many complex relationships and that the role of grandparents in keeping these relationships healthy is crucial, involving acceptance of the diversity amongst us all. The Board supports the right of same-sex couples to make their own decisions about whether or not they marry.  The Board urges the Australian Parliament to make it possible through changes to legislation for this right to be enabled. The… Read More