Abolition of Corporal Punishment

This campaign is designed to help protect children by encouraging parents and carers to find non-violent solutions to disciplining children in their care. Read more

More Flexible Working Hours for Families

This campaign is designed to raise awareness of the need for businesses to work together with their employees to provide flexible working options that balance the need to work with caring responsibilities. Read more

Abolition of Genital Mutilation

This campaign is designed to support the work of a range of agencies working to abolish genital mutilation. Read more

Forthcoming Victorian State Election

GPV/KCV believes it is important to engage in political conversation to ensure that decision-makers are made aware of the issues facing grandparents in general, and kinship carers in particular. Read more

Supporting Young Adults in Out of Home Care

Within a year, many young people who leave out of home care at age 18 will end up homeless and living on the streets. Read more

Opposing Fast-Tracking of Adoption

In August, the GPV/KCV Board decided to write to all federal members of parliament to outline concerns with the approach to adoption being taken in NSW. Of particular concern was the move to advertise children for adoption on a website. Read more